Monday, August 26, 2013

Orange Coconut Cream Frosting

Active Prep time: 10min
Inactive Prep time: 20min 

Whisk all ingredients in medium sauce pan under Medium Heat until thick/incorporated but gelatinous
1/4C Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1C Coconut Cream Concentrate
1/2C Coconut Oil 
1/4C Honey
1/2-1t Orange Zest

After it turns into a thick gelatinous mixture, pour into a medium sized bowl and place in freezer for 20min. After time is up, use a hand mixer to whip it. If you're not getting a smooth consistency, place back in freezer for 5 more minutes and then whip it again. If not perfect the first time, it will be perfect the second time. Either frost cake/cupcakes immediately OR place in refrigerator until needed, whip again and frost immediately.  

**Make sure your cake or cupcakes are cooled thoroughly before frosting them.  This frosting will start to melt if it is warmer than 75 degrees. Also, this is not a good frosting for the cake to be sitting outside in the summer :) It should do fine in a house cooled to 72 or below.

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