Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paleo Protein Frappucino - Magic Bullet Style

Fill Magic Bullet 3/4 full with ice 
3/4C Chilled Coffee 
1/4C Coconut Milk (full fat canned or Silk brand in the refrigerated section) 
1 Scoop Plain Whey Protein Mix (I use Bluebonnet Original)
1oz Unsweetened 100% Chocolate (Bakers or Ghirideli) 
3T Honey 

Instructions: blend, enjoy, repeat 


  1. Sounds good, Liz! I have missed your Facebooks! I am looking for a good GF chocolate almond biscotti recipe. I lost mine when the computer crashed last May. None of the ones I am finding online sound like the one that I used.

    1. I will be looking for a good one!! Will let you know! Did you know that Jeremy and I are expecting twins?!?!

    2. We had heard that, but I did not believe it since it is so early! Congratulations! Andrew & Kris were hoping for twins with Samantha--maybe next time, although you may have gotten the allotted set per generation:) LOL--I think they lucked out:)

    3. I am going to try to use coconut flour in my coconut mini-cupcake recipe (I know that I need to reduce the flour amount and up the eggs) next week--wish me luck. I am baking for the Ladies' Tea at church and need several dressy GF treats:)

  2. Sorry to hear the latest news! You are all in our prayers!